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d befor▓e the government bungalow and wa●tched my approach with deep-set grins●.The sergeant, understanding my gestur▓es, offe


red us places around the c●ommon rice heap.I returned to the rest-house f▓or my nether garments.The villagers were drivi●ng their panting ducks homeward.The● Australian struggled to his fe●et and we waded the stream once more, j▓oining the soldiers on the veranda of the g●overnment bungalow.Their por

ters ▓brought huge wet leaves to protect the fl▓oor, and built a fire within.●A

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half-hour later the troopers rose to th●eir feet shouting, “Kin-kow! Kin-kow!”● easily understood from its similarit●y to th


e familiar Chinese word “chow,” an●d we followed them into the smoke-choke●d building.In a civilized la▓nd I would not have tasted such a mess▓ as was spread out on a banana leaf in● the center of the floor, to win a wager▓.At that moment it seemed a repast fit for▓ an epicure. We slept with the soldiers in● the telephone bungalow.James’ fever ●burned itself out and he awoke wit●h the dawn ready to push on.For ●the first few miles we followed a path belo●w the telephone wire.In stu▓mbling over the uneven ground my shoe-lac●es broke at frequent intervals.Well on i●n the morning I halted to replace t▓hem with stout vines.The Aus

tral▓ian drew on ahead.Before I had overtaken h●im the path forked and the wire disap●peared in the forest between the diverg●ing routes.I hallooed to my compa▓nion, but the rain was coming down in torr●ents, and the voice does not carry far in th▓e jungle.I struck into one of the pa●ths; but in a very few minutes it faded ▓and was lost.I found myself alone in● the trackless wilderness. H●ere was a serious mishap indeed.The Austr●alian had carried off the compass; our ●money was in my bundle.Separated we we●re 434equally helpless, and what chance was

t▓here of finding each other again in h●undreds of miles of unblazed wild▓s

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I set a course by the sun and for t▓hree hours fought my way up the● precipitous face of a mountain.To cras▓h and roll down the opposite slope req●uired less than a third of that time.In the ●valley, tucked away under soa●ring teak trees, was a lonely little hut.●A black-toothed female in scanty skirt squat▓ted in the square of shade under th


e cabin, po▓unding rice in a hollowed log.The ▓jungle was humming its un-cadenced tune.● I climbed to the veranda and lay down, cert▓ain that I had seen the last of J▓ames, the Australian. Under the hut ●sounded the thump, thump, thump of the pes▓tle.What exponents of the “simple life●,” of which we he

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